January 10, 2024

2024-25 Enrollment Contract FAQ

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Contract Signers:
The deadline to submit your returning contract is 1/24/2024. Please be aware of some instances of additional signature requirements for two-party signers.

Does your DocuSign email look like this?

If both signers have already submitted the contract, but you get an email that looks like the screenshot to the right, please follow the instructions below:

  • The signer who received this email should return to the contract to ensure that all fields are signed and/or initialed.
  • Look along the right of the document to initial any changes made by the other signer

Question: When is the enrollment period?
Answer: New and returning families who return a completed contract January 10-24, 2024 will secure their space for the 2024-25 academic year. After January 24, 2024, contracts will be offered based on available space.

Question: When will we receive our contract?
Answer: Re-enrollment contracts for the 2024-25 academic year will be sent on January 10, 2024. Contracts for returners on Scholarships for Kids or Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund will be sent beginning January 29, 2024.

Question: How will we receive our contract?
Answer: You will receive your contract via DocuSign email. Contracts must be returned via DocuSign only. No paper or alternative contracts will be accepted.

Question: Who is required to sign the contract?
Answer: Contracts must be signed by the legal parent(s) or guardian(s).

Question: I am the legal guardian, but somebody else pays tuition.
Answer: The contract contains a section to indicate financial responsibility of a third-party payor. If someone other than the legal parent or guardian is responsible for paying tuition, enter the name and email address in the space provided on the contract.

Question: I received financial aid last year. Will I receive the same amount in 2024-25?
Answer: Financial aid is awarded annually. See the Scholarships & Financial Aid section on St. Luke's tuition page for information on applying for aid. Families awarded financial aid will be notified in writing and asked to sign and return an addendum.

Question: How much is the re-enrollment fee?
Answer: There is a non-refundable re-enrollment fee of $150 for all regular contracts. Families currently receiving a Scholarships for Kids or Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund scholarship are not required to pay the re-enrollment fee.

Question: How do I make a change to a submitted contract?
Answer: If you have a minor change to make on the contract, please fill out the contract edit form.

Question: Who can answer my questions about the contract?
Answer: If you have a question about the terms of the contract you received, please contact the Business Office or the Head of School's office at 251-666-2991 ext. 8100.
If you have technical questions about completing the contract, please contact the interim registrar at registrar@slesmobile.org.
If you are enrolling at St. Luke's for the first time, please contact the Office of Admission on your respective campus or email hdearmon@slesmobile.org.