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Indoor Track Runs Strong at St. Luke's.

Did you know that St. Luke’s has a new indoor track program? Senior, Andrew Burchett had a big role in making this new sport become a reality at St. Luke’s. Andrew previously came from a school that had a fairly large indoor track program. When he realized that St. Luke’s did not have an indoor track program, but saw how many students were involved with the Track & Field team, he began petitioning Coach Russell and the school to add the program. Andrew says, “ I'd like to take a lot of credit for the team, but all I can truly say is I only offered the idea; all of the true work to make it possible was done by the athletic department and administrators.”

In most cases, indoor track is simply a way to prepare athletes for outdoor track and field. Some schools take it very seriously, others use it as a way to transition for the spring season. Competition is the best way of getting better.

The team had a great turnout for their first meet and more interest seems to be rising by the day. Alex Portella and Devan Bailey are top 20 in 1A-3A shot put, Elly Musial is top 10 in 1A-3A shot put, Brooks Musial is top 25 in 1A-3A shot put. Andrew Burchett is currently 1st in 1A-3A in the 400 and 800 and 42nd in the US for the 800.

Andrew says, “More than anything I feel honored to be part of ‘the first.’ It's a little bitter sweet knowing this is my last year with high school indoor track, but being around others who have the opportunity to try it out for the first time reminds me why I got into the sport in the first place.” Andrew’s hope is that St. Luke’s continues using indoor track as a way of improving while having fun with it.

The next indoor track meets will be January 16th and 28th. Then, those that quality will run at the Indoor State Championships. The inaugural indoor track team members are: Andrew Burchett, Garrett Dolbear, Jake Davis, Mathew Hoang, Bailey Cumpton, Benjamin Cumpton, Jae Anna Gaston, Kennedy Johnson, Charlie Anne Philips, Taylor Jackson, Rowan Yeager, Alex Portella, Elly Musial, Devan Bailey, and Alex Prieto.