Biomed Students Visit UM

Camille AbelBiomed, University, Upper School

More Than A Field Trip.

On Monday September 26th, 2022, students from St. Luke's Biomed class Comparative Body Systems in Biomedicine visited the University of Mobile. We visited to learn about UM's medical programs and explore their university campus.

Our day started in their main hall, where an acapella group sang a welcome song for us. Next, we met with several of their health professionals who briefed us on their positions and their experience teaching on campus. We were fortunate to meet:

  • Dr. Witherspoon, Dean of Nursing
  • Dr. Buchanan Miller, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Mrs. Brown, Undergraduate Chair in the School of Nursing
  • Dr. Garner, Graduate Chair in the School of Nursing
  • Dr. Burnett, University President
  • Dr. Hicks, Director of the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia program
  • Dr. Thomas, Director of the Master of Athletic Training program

Following the introductions our group toured the Simulation Lab and OR room. We walked through a hallway simulating a hospital setting with multiple rooms. Each set up with different scenarios. Rooms had a medical manakin patient that could be manipulated to show different symptoms and traits of illness. These manakins could blink, talk, lack pulse, wheeze, and mimic observable traits. We also saw an obstetrics simulation with VR headsets to help further illustrate real life scenarios concerning obstetrics.

In addition to the sim labs, we got to see the cadaver lab, sit in on a class lecture, and tour the rest of the university. My personal experience was very positive. I was impressed with the Simulation Lab and was grateful that I got to have hands-on experience in a college classroom as a high school sophomore. Biomed at St. Luke's has opened doors to possibilities that I never considered. I know that I want to study healthcare in college and look forward to exploring the University of Mobile again.

Thanks Camille!  We look forward partnering with you on your Biomed journey!

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