2022 National Latin Exam Award Winners

aabelHonors, University, Upper School

Students in Highschool smile because they are happy to pass the National Latin Exam

Plus quam discipulus.

ongratulations to the St. Luke's Latin students who received high scores on their National Latin Exam. These Wildcats are plus quam discipulus, or more than students.

The National Latin Exam is given annually to students around the world. Scholarships and awards are available for high achieving students. The mission of the National Latin Exam is to promote and support the learning and teaching of the Latin language.

National Latin Exam, Perfect Score

Maggie McDonough, Class of 2023


Will McDonough, Class of 2025
Kevin Ori, Class of 2022
Joshua Green, Class of 2024


Jackson Tapscott, Class of 2024
Sophie Bitzer, Class of 2025
Andrew Thomas, Class of 2025
Murray Goodman, Class of 2025
Hallie Dickinson, Class of 2025
Sophia Abel, Class of 2022
Jake Davis, Class of 2024

Magna Cum Laude

Morgan Haynes, Class of 2025
Brooks Musial, Class of 2025
Peighton Matheny, Class of 2025

Cum Laude

Hazel Pitsios-Luther, Class of 2024
Mason Brown, Class of 2025
Carsten Kennedy, Class of 2025