Alumnus Spotlight: Reed Miller, ’15

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I was pleasantly surprised when I learned I was accepted into not one, but two master’s
programs at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. My options are a Master of
Health Administration degree track or the Master of Science in Public Health with a
concentration in Health Policy degree track. Ultimately I chose to enter the MHA program and
hope to supplement this coursework with a certificate in health policy and along with additional
experiences such as jobs, research, and continued volunteer work. The 2-year MHA program is
a uniquely accelerated program that allows students to complete all coursework in one year and
complete a year-long residency during the second year. I am incredibly excited to attend the #1
School of Public Health in the country, and I know my years in the Biomed program at St. Luke’s
certainly helped play a role in this accomplishment.

In the meantime, I have just started an administrative internship with USA Health here in Mobile
and will be spending most of my time at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Therefore, I’m
no longer working for Project Horseshoe Farm, but I would love to help make a connection for
the Biomed students as I believe they would benefit from a discussion with the organization’s
Fellows. Moreover, I have learned public health is an incredibly broad field, and many
institutions revolve around five major departments – epidemiology, health policy and
management, environmental health, health behaviors and health education, and biostatistics.
Sometimes they are further broken down into departments such as population health, health
informatics, nutritional sciences, international and global health, etc. I look forward to helping St.
Luke’s integrate public health into the Biomedical curriculum. I look forward to the opportunity of
providing a general introduction about public health to your classes in the future.