Boys Soccer Seniors 2022

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More Than A Soccer Team.

Ricky Hernandez-Sexton #8

Ricky has played soccer since he was 5-years-old. He currently plays forward for the Wildcats. One of his favorite memories from being on the soccer team was beating Westminster in PK’s - sending them to the Final Four. Being an athlete has made Ricky a better student and worker because he has had to learn how to multitask and manage his time more efficiently. Soccer has taught him how to be a leader, how to communicate and how to be someone that people can look up to. Ricky’s favorite advice from Coach Depinet is when he told them to be passionate about doing something they enjoy. Next year, Ricky plans on continuing his soccer and academic career at Pfeiffer University.

Matthew Knotts #11

Matthew has played soccer for 15-years. Currently, he is the center-midfielder for the varsity soccer team. Soccer has taught Matthew that hard work pays off. His favorite memory of playing as a Wildcat is beating Westminster in the playoffs, the pre-season get-togethers and his teammates. Coach Depinet has been very motivational to Matthew because he always pushes his players to do their best. He plans on attending the University of South Alabama next year.

Kevin Ori

Kevin is the goalkeeper for SLES. He has played soccer for 14-years and one of his favorite memories is winning the second round of playoffs during the 2021 season against Westminster. The crowd, the atmosphere and the joy of winning the game was unlike anything he ever experienced while playing soccer. One of his favorite traditions is the midnight practice on the first day they are eligible to start practicing as a team with a ball. Kevin is thankful that Coach Depinet has been consistently tough on the team because it has greatly improved the talent, both as individuals and as a team. He says Coach Depinet holds them to standards that without, wouldn’t have brought the program this far. Being an athlete has made Kevin a better worker -forcing him to push past mental blocks that he may not have normally tried to push through. One of his favorite quotes is “Today matters.” Kevin is still deciding where he will attend school next year.

Meelan Patel #4

Meelan has played soccer since preschool - he loved the sport from the moment the ball touched his foot. He plays center-back and back-up keeper for SLES. One of his favorite memories was the second round playoff game against Westminster. The support from the fans was incredible throughout the whole game, especially after Ricky made the last PK and everybody stormed the field. He appreciates that Coach Depinet pushes him to be better and knows his potential more than he does (after not realizing this until his junior year.) Being an athlete has taught Meelan that hard work is required on and off of the field. Meelan plans to go to the University of Alabama.

Shubh Patel #9

Shubh has played soccer since he was 12-years-old. He currently plays winger. He has loved being a part of the soccer team because of the dedication it requires and for all the life lessons it has taught him. Some of his favorite memories include scoring his first goal and “Freshman Got Talent.” He appreciates Coach Depinet because he has been his coach since middle school and has always wanted the best for his players. Ricky Hernandez-Sexton has been inspirational to Shubh because of his dedication on and off the field. One of his favorite motivational quotes is “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” He plans to go to the University of South Alabama or Auburn next year.

Thomas Watts #50

Thomas has played soccer for 4-5 years. He is currently left-back for St. Luke’s. He enjoys being on the team because everyone treats each other with respect, he learns something new everyday and the coaches are amazing. He will never forget playing in his first varsity game. One of his favorite traditions is when Alex Ferguson says “Just Do It” at the start of each practice. Thomas admires Coach Beatty because he is funny and also a great coach when it comes to listening to every player. Being an athlete has taught him to stay consistent and to never give up. One of his favorite motivational quotes by Coach Depinet, “Don’t apologize for doing something wrong, saying sorry doesn’t change anything. If you want to fix a mistake, show it on the field.” Thomas plans to attend The University of Southern Mississippi next year.