Celebrate School Choice Week

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ational School Choice Week’s goal is to raise awareness of the educational options available to students. Parents choose private schools to be able to select their child’s learning environment. We are grateful that Mobile, Alabama has many options available to ensure that all families find the best fit for their children. St. Luke’s realizes that every child is unique and all children learn differently. A school that one child might succeed at, others may find that it’s not the best fit.

At St. Luke’s, we pride ourselves on our small size - we don’t want to become large and lose sight of who we are and what is special about St. Luke’s. Our size allows us to provide a top-notch education and offer our students MORE. More one-on-one time with teachers and coaches allows our students to learn more, participate more, and become more. We want ALL students to be inspired, successful, and HAPPY!

We hope you will consider visiting St. Luke’s as one of your choices for private schools to see if we are the right fit for your family. Please schedule a tour and let us show you the intimate, family-oriented, and comfortable environment that we provide to ALL of our students. We ARE St. Luke’s! Go Wildcats!

For #SchoolChoiceWeek we asked some of our wonderful Wildcats, “Why St. Luke’s?”

“St. Luke’s has given me many opportunities for success. Not only do my teachers make sure we get the education that we need, but I have also made many of my friends here. Even though my class is very small, we are all very close to one another. I also enjoy that I have family here as well! I love my school!” -Lily Ann

“My family has been a part of St. Luke’s for many, many years. I have grown up hearing many stories of fond memories at St. Luke’s. The stories paint pictures of how wonderful St. Luke’s really is (and has always been). Our school is different from others because we have more than just great academics and athletics. We have relationships with everyone here, the second you walk in you feel this warm feeling that reminds you of home.“ - Isabella

"I started St. Luke's in K3. My family chose to come to St. Luke’s because it is very family oriented and has always felt like home.” -Baker G.

"I have been at St. Luke's for as long as I can remember, so I don’t exactly remember why I came to this school. But, I do know the things I love about it. St. Luke's is very welcoming and I have made amazing friends here. It has amazing classes and I love all of my teachers." -Baker F.

"I came to St. Luke’s because my mom had a friend that already sent her kids here. When my mom came to tour she absolutely fell in love with the school. I then came to St. Luke’s in kindergarten and I am still here in the 9th grade. I love my school and my friends too!" - William

"I like the size of the student population at St. Luke's. The size makes it easy to make friends and you’ll always have someone you know in your classes.” - Kennedy

“I love St. Luke’s because of the amazing Biomedical Science Program. I feel like I’ve learned so much in this program. Even in middle school, I remember looking forward to the day that I got to be in Biomed, wear scrubs around campus, and get to participate in our school’s Biomed Trauma Week.” - Molly

“I like St. Luke’s for the teachers and the extremely welcoming environment they’ve created here at the school.” - Arthur