In Memory of John Wesley Holt, Class of 2021

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everal days have now passed since we heard the news that John Wesley Holt, president of the class of 2021, was tragically killed in an accident. When we lose a student, a friend or a family member, it breaks our hearts. This is how we felt when we received word that John Wesley was gone. Like most teachers, we love all of our students, and John Wesley was certainly no exception.

With him, it perhaps hurts even worse than usual. I think in part due to his larger than life personality. John Wesley was ambitious, yet playful, assertive but diplomatic. His leadership and energy could be felt from the classroom to the soccer field. From his days on the Japonica Campus to his days on the University Campus, he built lasting relationships with all his teachers. It is those special relationships with the John Wesley’s of the world that make teaching a calling and not just a job.

For us, I think holding onto our broken hearts is in many ways a blessing though. We just don’t know how to do our jobs without loving John Wesley and all of our children. We wouldn’t want to do our job any other way. So for our dear John Wesley Holt, I will close from a line in the poem “Feelings of Loss” by Michele Meleen.

He is gone from where we can see
But in our hearts is where he will always be
MIchelle Meleen

With heartfelt sympathy,
Your St. Luke’s Episcopal School Family

John Wesley Holt Scholarship Fund

The Holt family has established the John Wesley Holt Scholarship Fund at St. Luke's. If you would like to contribute to the John Wesley Holt Scholarship Fund, please click the button below to be redirected to online giving.