Senior Football Tackles Their Last Season

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St. Luke's Senior Football Tackles Season

Class of 2023 Football Seniors.

Kamerion Chambers #55

Kam Chambers has played football since he was 4-years-old. He was destined to play football because he grew up in a football loving household. He described his youth as “play football or move out.” Kam is thankful to those who pushed him to play football, because he instantly fell in love with the sport. Being an athlete has made Kam a better student by teaching him time management.

Kam enjoys the football team for many reasons. The team traditions of senior dinners on Wednesday/Thursday and the lineman dinners rank high on his list of “whys.” Coach Lee and the rest of the coaching staff have taught him so much about life and the game itself. He truly loves the competitiveness of his teammates and all of the talking smack at practice. He says the friendly smack talking has brought his teammates closer.

During the Spring, Coach Lee prepared Kam for his senior season by putting him in multiple positions on the field, so that he will be familiar with any position he is needed at during the game.

Kam credits Coach Lee with teaching him a lot about being a man and how to be a caring person. He appreciates that Coach Lee cares about his players more than winning. When football season comes to an end, Kam will miss the student section the most. He loves how St. Luke’s is a small school, but the student section roars with pride and excitement. He is thankful for the support on the field.

Jackson Boone #13

Jackson has been playing football since 1st grade and fell in love with the sport immediately. He hasn’t stopped since! Being an athlete has helped make Jackson a better student because he works better having less free time on his hands.

Jackson’s favorite team traditions include downtime and singing “Goodbye” on the way home from a win. He loves that the football team is a place where you can create friendships and bonds with people that you never thought possible. The hot and long practices are made fun because the players will create their own competitions among themselves.

Coach Lee has prepared Jackson for his senior season because he has always pushed him and his teammates for many years, and has always made him want to try his hardest no matter the situation. When football season comes to an end, Jackson will miss the feeling of making a big play and looking up into the stands to see the crowd roaring.

Keyuntae Caver #50

Keyuntae has been playing football for 2 years. He decided to play football because of the competitive nature and the fun atmosphere. His favorite traditions include downtime before games and the lineman dinners. Keyuntae likes being part of the team because of the brotherhood and how his teammates always make him feel comfortable. Being an athlete has made him a better student because of the availability of study sessions offered by his teachers.

His teammates always know how to make practice fun by dancing around, doing flips, and playing music. Coach Lee has prepared Keyuntae for his senior season by teaching him the importance of hard work and dedication. He says that Coach Lee has made an impact on him by teaching him to never give up no matter the circumstances. He will miss the team’s vibes after a win in the cage as well as bus rides back and forth.

Jake Neutze #6

Jake has been playing football since he was 6-years-old. He loves being a Wildcat because he feels the team is more of a family than a team. His favorite team tradition is downtime on a play.

Being an athlete has made Jake a better person because sports teach you how to be disciplined, patient, and respectful. Although practicing everyday is not much fun, the team knows they have to go out each day to get better and better. Coach Lee has prepared Jake for his senior season through the many years leading up to this one. Jake will miss EVERYTHING about football at St. Luke’s!

Benjamin Cumpton #76

Benjamin has been playing football for 9 years. His mom encouraged him to play football when he was younger, and he has stuck with it ever since. He has loved his time as a Wildcat because St. Luke’s football team is like a family and the tradition of going to Waffle House after the games is the best!

Being an athlete has made Benjamin a better person overall because it has helped him with his leadership skills. Coach Lee has taught him about leadership, which has definitely helped this season. Benjamin will miss most everything about football, especially the family environment.

Bailey Cumpton #63

Bailey has been playing football for a total of 9 years. He was always told that he would be a good fit for the team because of his size so he gave it a try. Bailey has loved his time as a Wildcat because of the brotherhood.

Being an athlete has made Bailey a better person because it has forced him to appreciate the many differences of his teammates. Coach Lee has prepared him for his senior season because he forced Bailey to work hard during workouts and taught him many lessons about leadership and how to deal with the obstacles that life throws our way. Bailey will miss St. Luke’s football and he will always remember every teammate he has ever had.