Senior Spotlight: Cheerleading

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Senior Cheerleaders.

Chloe Watts

Senior, Chloe Watts has attended St. Luke’s since 8th grade. She is the captain of our varsity cheerleading team and has cheered since 2nd grade. Cheerleading is life!

Chloe says she enjoys cheerleading because the cheer team always finds a way to make practice fun by always “telling jokes to one another and finding goofy ways to make each other laugh.” Chloe sees herself cheering in college one day and maybe even becoming a cheer coach. Let your spirit soar!

Preparation is key in cheerleading and getting ready for all of the football games is the hardest part of the season and takes a lot of time. In addition to the many hours of practice, cheerleaders paint numerous signs to hang up on the field, prepare goodie bags for the varsity football players, provide incredible pep rallies, and whatever else it takes to make our school cheerful! A lot of dedication, teamwork, stamina, and hard work goes into being a varsity cheerleader and Chloe definitely makes it look easy!

One of Chloe’s favorite pre-game rituals is riding the bus to the away games and listening to Riley’s music choices. Chloe also enjoys stunting because she says “I like to push our limits and to always have something new and impressive to show our fans.”

Chloe, we love your Wildcat pride. Go out and rock the world and rule those sidelines for your senior season! Keep sharing your spirit with the world! #WildcatPride

Riley Griffith

Senior, Riley Griffith has been a St. Luke’s cheerleader for the past 4 years and is cheerfully entering her senior year still cheering for the Wildcats! Riley decided to try out for cheerleading because she wanted to have a fun outlet from her other passion, dance. She says being a cheerleader has created a great work ethic for her in athletics as well as academics. Because cheerleading is a year-round sport, it takes desire, determination, discipline, self-sacrifice and a great deal of love for the school to balance her schedule.

Some of Riley’s all-time favorite memories of her time on the squad are playing music while the team sets up for pep rallies. She loves her team and the many laughs they share. The Wildcats are one team with one heartbeat! She feels like herself when she is with the squad…..and she also loves the cute outfits they wear (as do we!). This year for cheer, Riley’s personal goal is to be the best supporter that she can be and hopefully someone that everyone feels like they can talk to. The person who inspires Riley the most is her mother, but she also looks up to Mrs. Dearmon because she's genuine, kind-hearted, and helps bring the squad together.

Being a cheerleader has taught Riley how to be a team player, a leader, a dedicated student and teammate, as well as how to possess confidence and many other qualities that she will take with her in life. Riley, go show them what you’ve got and never stop smiling! Finish your senior year strong and know that we are all “cheering” for YOU!