Senior Spotlight: Football

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Senior Football Players.

Jake Keesee

Jake Keesee is a senior on the football team and has played the sport for 11 years. He loves playing football because of the ​​camaraderie, competition, and his overall love of the sport. His favorite part about competing is getting to see all of the hard work he and his team put in over the summer finally pay off. Jake says his personal goal for football is to be the best he can be with the time he has.

To prepare for a big game Jake often has as much pasta as he can the night before and listens to the song ‘Defiantly Wellerman’ by The Longest Johns to get him warmed up and ready to play. Jake’s favorite quote as well as one that motivates him when playing is, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up - Dean Karnazes”.

Jake says that Coach Lee is his favorite coach he has ever had. He looks up to Coach Lee not only for how long he has been in the game, but also because he teaches them life lessons along with the sport. To Jake, Coach Lee is not only a great Coach but also an equally great mentor! Go get ‘em #65! Go Wildcats!

Grant Schaff

Grant Schaff has been playing football since elementary school and is enjoying his senior football season at St. Luke’s. Grant first joined the team in order to play the sport he loves and to feel like he was part of a team. He has loved playing with the Wildcats because of the family-like atmosphere and enjoys the support, motivation, and loyalty of the team. Grant appreciates the way Coach Lee pushes him and his teammates to be the best they can be on and off the field.

Before a big game, Grant listens to ‘Cold As You’ by Luke Combs and makes sure he to eat a steak! When asked about his favorite tradition on the varsity football team, he adds that he enjoys when they pray before the game because it brings the team together and bonds them.

Grant says that playing football over the years has taught him responsibility and made him a better student as well. He has picked up a multitude of life lessons from the sport and he plans to carry these with him for as long as possible! You’ve got this #74! Go Wildcats!

Trey Simpson

Senior Trey Simpson has attended St. Luke’s for the past two years and is excited to have the opportunity to play football this year. Trey might not have been here as long as our other seniors, but he has already made a huge impact as a Wildcat!

Since this is Trey’s first season with the Wildcats, he is still getting used to Coach Lee’s conditioning. He is glad to have a coach like Coach Lee that pushes the team to infinity and beyond to be the best they can be. Having this experience with his friends has helped Trey become a better person, he says. He looks forward to putting his new knowledge to use and helping push the Wildcats to victory! Trey, we love your hard work and dedication to the Wildcats. We will be cheering you on this season loud and proud! Go Wildcats!