St. Luke’s Names Student Ambassadors 2021-22

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The Student Ambassador program at St. Luke’s Episcopal School is excited to announce its 2021-22 class. Senior Student Ambassadors are Upper School students whose pursuit of leadership, academic excellence, and commitment to the school best represent the ideals that St. Luke’s embodies. Senior Student Ambassadors represent the school through admissions, community events and much more. Many Senior Student Ambassadors receive internships at school that allow them to fully pursue an area of interest and serve as mentors for other students. More than 50 students applied for an ambassadorship for the upcoming academic year.

Junior Ambassadors are Middle School students who have shown interest and potential in leadership opportunities at St. Luke’s. Junior Ambassadors represent the school on campus through admissions events and school-wide functions. The Junior Ambassador program prepares middle school students to step into areas of leadership as high schoolers.

2021 Senior Student Ambassadors (Upper School)

Admissions Ambassadors:

  • Mohammad Shajrouj
  • Taylor Jackson
  • Sophia Abel
  • Tyler Bracknell
  • Chloe Yates
  • Kallie Ott
  • Malek Shahrouj

Marketing & Events Ambassadors:

  • Anna Marie Bentley
  • Parker Breal
  • Allie Champagne
  • Ella Ferebee
  • Kasey Hernandez-Sexton
  • Andrew Le
  • Jake Davis
  • Garrett Dolbear
  • Audrey Fendley
  • Daniel Grafton
  • Emma Hataway
  • Bryce Jordan


  • Connor Ferguson – Cybersecurity Analyst Internship
  • Riley Griffith – Social Media Intern
  • Hannah Uptigrove – Social Media Intern

2021 Junior Student Ambassadors (Middle School)

  • Maddie Banks
  • Ella Bentley
  • Macey Brown
  • Sophie Dolbear
  • Raina Gupta
  • Kiley Hawarah
  • Savannah Haynes
  • Presley Jackson
  • Lily Liller
  • Joc Prince
  • Lauren Robertson
  • Brayden Sadler
  • Jenna Simpson
  • Niluki Somathilake
  • Turner Tillman
  • Landon Villegas