St. Luke’s Student Earns Pilot’s License

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St. Luke's Senior Soars.

oslyn Upshaw is currently a senior at St. Luke’s. Her hobbies include horses and airplanes! She has been interested in airplanes since about the age of 12. She would co-pilot with her dad, which inspired her to get her own pilot’s license.

Earning a pilot’s license is not a quick process. After completing three flight schools, Joslyn says it took her 4-years to earn her pilot’s license. She has about 90 flight hours, however the minimum requirement for a pilot’s license is 40-hours. Students have to pass the check ride exam, which consists of a series of maneuvers that need to be performed correctly. Also, there are about 17 other requirements that need to be met for cross-country and night flights.

In her free time, Joslyn enjoys going to the airport in Foley, which is where she flies out of. Her favorite flight destination that she piloted was to Panama City, but her dream flight would be to Europe.

Next year, Joslyn sees herself in college working towards becoming a chef or a private pilot.

Joslyn, the sky is literally limit. Time flies & we know you will do great things regardless of which path you choose!