St. Luke’s Students Visit WKRG

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Wildcats Visit WKRG.

ave you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at your favorite news station? St. Luke’s students, Lauren and Ally McGinnis did and had the opportunity to visit WKRG studios with anchor Cherish Lombard for a valuable learning experience.

It was news to the McGinnis girls how much goes on behind the scenes at WKRG. They enjoyed seeing firsthand the producers and other production staff who are an integral part of the show. One of their favorite parts of the tour was watching the “4 on 5” live in the studio. The 4 on 5 gives WKRG viewers an early look at developing stories of the day as they’re happening. It combines news, weather, traffic, and social media elements and a look behind the scenes of the news-gathering process. Lauren said, “It was cool to watch the cameras move around. They are like robots!”

At the end of their visit to WKRG, Lauren and Ally met chief meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth and pretended to do the weather. When asked if they had fun, they replied, “It was so fun! The best day EVER!”