Student Spotlight: Riley Griffith

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Student Intern Riley

Senior, Riley Griffith, was selected to be a social media intern for the 2021-2022 school year. Riley has been at St. Luke’s since K3 and has 15-years-of knowledge about St. Luke’s! She IS ST. LUKE’S!

After graduating from St. Luke’s, Riley hopes to attend Auburn University next fall and major in Biomedical Sciences. She would also like to pursue her passion for dance at the next level, in college. Riley says that in 5 years she will hopefully be starting out as a physician's assistant.

Even though Riley doesn’t plan to go into marketing or communications, she does understand that the skills learned through this internship will be invaluable in any career that she chooses.

The main goal of this particular internship is to assist in showcasing life at St. Luke’s. These valuable interns will help gather and create content, brainstorm ideas, take photographs, research, spearhead projects, monitor various social media platforms, analyze analytics, provide suggestions for improving social media, research, write stories, and assist as needed.

St. Luke’s is happy to provide internships as they are invaluable experiences for high school students. Internships provide very specific experiences for students interested in a certain path. They not only help resumes stand out to admissions committees and future employers, but they also demonstrate that our students are spending time learning and working with others. Furthermore, internships teach important skills that students will need in any field.

According to an annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 91 percent of employers said candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions. Nearly half of surveyed employers wanted experience to come from internships or co-op programs.

An internship is the best way to be immersed in a real-world environment, nothing can replace hands-on experiences. We are blessed to provide Riley with this experience to help her further develop knowledge that will be beneficial in college and life.