Biomed Forensics Week: Day 1

Melanie DavisBiomed, Upper School

More Than a Class.

Forensics Week: Day 1

Republished Courtesy of Melanie Davis

n April 25, 2022, Glenn Garside, an investigator came and spoke to our class about the different types of forensic evidence and how they are used in his everyday job. Forensic Evidence is evidence obtained by scientific methods such as ballistics, blood tests, and DNA tests and used in court.

A type of forensic evidence that can be used to solve cases is digital forensics which consists of computers, cell phones, vehicles, and social media. He also explained how forensics can help determine one, or all of the three elements of WHY + HOW = WHO which is important in criminal proceedings and to determine criminal conduct. This lecture was super interesting to me and all of my classmates in how crimes are solved even in our area!

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