Biomed Tackles Covid-19 With Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes

Connie JacksonBiomed, University, Upper School

Over the last couple of months, St. Luke’s Episcopal School’s Biomedical Science Students have been building Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes (an air purification project.) These boxes are an effective, inexpensive, safe, and easy-to-build way to help combat and mitigate COVID-19. They are made of four air filters on the sides. As air flows in, the electric fan on top draws out the purified air and filters at least 90% of the airborne COVID-19 particles.

The Corsi-Resenthal Box was invented by two men who wanted to produce an effective, low-cost way to remove air particles. Their idea recently won the Idea of the Year Award and the cubes are already in homes, schools, and university campuses across the country. Those that have tested the design say it is actually better than a lot of the more expensive HEPA-based portable air cleaners.