Current and Future Technology

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This week in Interventions in Biomedical Sciences class, I have completed research on current and future technology in my field of interest. I have learned that technology in pediatric and neonatal cardiology is a rapidly growing field. 3-D printing is a new and growing technology that has the possibility of becoming very helpful in the medical field. Research is being done to create implantable devices that could be used as cardiac valves. Wireless technology has also helped the field of cardiology. Wireless biosensors have made it easier for doctors to learn and have more knowledge about misfiring cardiac tissue and the prevention of damage. A technological development that has helped the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the HeRO, the Heart Rate Observation machine system. HeRO is a system that monitors a baby's heartbeat. The system uses an algorithm to notice even the slightest change in a baby's heartbeat which can be a warning of a possible major infection such as sepsis. This week, I have also made my first call to try to set up an interview with a possible mentor for the year. I contacted Dr. Lynn Batten's office, and I am now waiting to hear back from her office.