Faculty Spotlight: Kristen Perez

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Meet Kristen Perez, middle and upper school science faculty. Mrs. Perez teaches Life Science, Marine Science, and Honors Biology at St. Luke's.

Iam Kristen Perez. I have lived in South Mobile County my entire life. I love living on the Gulf Coast and enjoying the various habitats and ecosystems this area offers us. My family and I love to take little adventures in parks walking the trails, taking a picnic, and kayaking. We make an adventure out of each excursion whether we're hunting geocaches or playing Pokemon Go. Dauphin Island is our favorite place to visit.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology that I received from the University of South Alabama. However, I started and completed most of my undergraduate studies at Spring Hill College, but transferred for financial reasons. My favorite courses in college were Marine Biology and Parasitology.

As a science teacher, I encourage students to build explanations of scientific phenomenon through exploration and engagement. I strive for students to gain understanding of how what we're learning relates to real-world experiences. I don't want a student to sit in my classroom asking the dreaded question, "When are we ever going to use this?". I want to help mold scientifically literate citizens who will eventually make leadership decisions in our society and for our planet. I love to share my enthusiasm for local conservation efforts and to share how valuable our coast is to us. As a teacher, my favorite moments for students is when they are explaining something to another student because they totally understand the concept and are confident in sharing what they have learned.

I chose to be a part of SLES as a school for my own children to attend. As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the care and dedication each of my children have received. As a faculty member, I love that each of us have the same goal in mind as a school and all work to achieve that goal. The academic culture and willingness to learn by the students is what drives me to deliver my best.