Hispanic Heritage Month

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Meet Our Newest Spanish Teacher.A fter three decades of teaching Spanish, Mrs. Purvis has found a new home at St. Luke’s as the Upper School Spanish teacher. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, she has introduced her students to the significance of Spanish holidays and the influence of Hispanic culture in the United States. Drawing from her personal experience, … Read More

St. Luke’s Athletic Director Exceeds Expectations

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Coach Meredith Donald

Athletic Director Breaks Boundaries.Did you know that only 21.8% of high school athletic directors are women? This statistic is shocking, especially considering over 41% of athletes are women! This statistic certainly doesn’t include St. Luke’s’ Meredith Donald, though. At only 30 years old, Coach Meredith Donald has found great success as head of our volleyball program and as female Athletic … Read More

Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Tigner

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National Lego Day with Mrs. Tigner.M rs. Jenna Tigner is the STEM lab teacher on the Japonica Campus. This is her second year working at St. Luke’s and her first year as the STEM teacher. She is married to Michael Tigner and they have two children. Hudson is in 1st grade and Ann Stewart is in K2 at St. Luke’s. … Read More

Meet Ms. Frey

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Meet St. Luke’s Head of Guidance.S chool guidance counselors provide an invaluable service to students of all ages. They help them navigate through the complexities of school, from academics to social issues. They provide support and guidance on educational and career planning, help students understand themselves, and assist them in making decisions about their future. They also provide emotional support … Read More

Spotlight on the Arts

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Mrs. Cummings Transforms the Arts .Mrs. Cummings, University Campus art teacher, incorporates her passions for art in her teaching. Her mother influenced her to become an art teacher from a young age. Mrs. Cummings states “I have always enjoyed being visually creative. My mom had to talk my art instructors into letting me take their art classes when I was … Read More

Interview With Mrs. Banks

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St. Luke's Veterans Day with Suzy Banks

Celebrating Veteran’s Day With Mrs. Banks.For more than 30 years, Mrs. Suzy Banks has served the students and families at St. Luke’s, first as faculty and then as Academic Dean. One of our most beloved traditions, the school’s Veterans’ Day Program, was created by Mrs. Banks. While other schools take the day off, St. Luke’s students, faculty, and community gather … Read More

Exploring St. Luke’s Theatre with Ms. Ottolino

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St. Luke’s Theatre.Kelly Choi: What made you want to become a theatre teacher? Andrea Ottolino: I love theatre and how it helps someone become more confident and well spoken. I wanted to help students see their potential and tap into their creative side. KC:&nbsp&nbsp What makes a theatre teacher successful?AO:&nbsp&nbsp Someone with a passion for the arts and lots of … Read More

St. Luke’s Pre-School Teacher of 35 Years Loves St. Luke’s

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Ms. Gwin’s 35 Years at St. Luke’s.Ms. Annie Gwin’s role as a K4 & K5 teacher has been an essential part of St. Luke’s history…..for 35 years and counting! So much is owed to her for the endless contributions, her lasting commitment, and the constant evolution of our well-known and incredible Early Childhood Department. Ms. Gwin’s goals go far beyond … Read More

Former Alabama Legislator is beloved St. Luke’s History Teacher

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St. Luke’s Students Love Mr. Box.Students receive MORE from their teachers here at St. Luke’s. Mr. Mike Box is one of these incredible teachers whose experience and devotion to their students play an integral role in the lives of many of our wildcats. Mr. Box currently teaches United States History and Government to our juniors and seniors, but the classroom … Read More

National STEM Day

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STEM and Robotics at St. Luke's University Campus

National STEM Day with Ms. Gaston-Jones.St. Luke’s: Tell us a little bit about yourselfSusan Gaston-Jones: I have spent a lifetime being a slave to curiosity and all these puzzles, legos, and builds. I am always challenged, invigorated and inspired when I am working on a project of this nature. As a little girl my parents always encouraged me to question … Read More