Center Stage Seniors

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St. Luke's center stage performs Mamma Mia.

Showtime for Center Stage Seniors.World Theater Day is a day to encourage children to connect to live performances and appreciate the essence, beauty, and importance of theater arts! St. Luke’s offers many theater classes to its Upper School students, including Center Stage for stage actors and Theater Production for theater technology and design enthusiasts. To celebrate World Theater Day, we … Read More

Spotlight on the Arts

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Mrs. Cummings Transforms the Arts .Mrs. Cummings, University Campus art teacher, incorporates her passions for art in her teaching. Her mother influenced her to become an art teacher from a young age. Mrs. Cummings states “I have always enjoyed being visually creative. My mom had to talk my art instructors into letting me take their art classes when I was … Read More

Exploring St. Luke’s Theatre with Ms. Ottolino

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St. Luke’s Theatre.Kelly Choi: What made you want to become a theatre teacher? Andrea Ottolino: I love theatre and how it helps someone become more confident and well spoken. I wanted to help students see their potential and tap into their creative side. KC:&nbsp&nbsp What makes a theatre teacher successful?AO:&nbsp&nbsp Someone with a passion for the arts and lots of … Read More

Art Inspiration

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Glow in the Dark Art Inspiration

Glow in the Dark Art Inspiration.We talked to St. Luke’s Mrs. Cummings, University Campus Art Teacher, about the inspiration behind the art displayed in the lobby of the theater during the “Puffs” performance.One of the goals this year is to make the students aware of what current artists are doing and how they are inspired. With this goal in mind, … Read More

St. Luke’s Presents Puffs

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Showtime.Join us in St. Luke’s beautiful 800 seat theatre for an evening of fun as Centre Stage performs “Puffs.” October 22 at 6:30 pm in the University Campus auditorium. Click here for more details and to add to your calendar. You don’t want to miss this!

Senior Spotlight: Elly Musial

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Elly on stage

More Than A Student.St. Luke’s Senior, Elly Musial had a summer packed full of the arts. Elly made her debut at Joe Jefferson Playhouse in her role as Wendy Joe in Footloose the Musical, which ran three shows a week for 3-weekends. During this commitment, Elly began teaching drama programs on her own. She spent half her weeks working as … Read More

Senior Spotlight: Band

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Senior Marching Band.Anna Claire CarlockSenior, Anna Claire Carlock has been at St. Luke’s since pre-school! She has also been in the band for six years and she can not wait to start her last season with her wildcat band mates!Anna Claire has been seen playing many different instruments in our wildcat band! She plays the flute and the piccolo for … Read More

National Piano Month with Mr. Driskell

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More Than a Music Teacher.Get to know Mr. Daniel Driskell, one of St. Luke’s newest faculty members as we celebrate National Piano Month!St. Luke’s: How old were you when you started playing the piano? Daniel Driskell: I began at age 7. SL:&nbsp&nbsp What made you want to start taking piano lessons? DD:&nbsp&nbsp My dad forced me to play. He wanted … Read More