Mike Box, Upper School History

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Mike Box is married to Cheryl, and has two stepchildren and four granddaughters. His mom, Julia Box, is 93 years young, and was recently named the 2021 Gulf Coast’s Remarkable Woman by WKRG.

Mike received his BA in Political Science and MPA from the University of South Alabama. He has a JD from the University of Alabama School of Law. Some of his hobbies are reading (favorite books are JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy), traveling (anywhere), and theatre (both as an actor and as a patron). In 1975, Mike was co-Drum Major of the Mobile Marching 200, celebrating America’s Bicentennial.

After a career in law and politics, Mike has a very strong passion for the US Constitution, and is particularly grateful for the opportunity to share this passion in his US Government and US History classes. The most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing young men and women develop their abilities to examine and understand the world around them, and how to make it better.

Mike loves teaching at St. Luke’s because of the family atmosphere that exists with fellow teachers and staff, as well as with the students. Everyone has a genuine interest in a sense of togetherness that is reflected in the classroom and outside it. One of the more attractive aspects of St. Luke’s is the class size. With classes of less than 20 students, the opportunity to engage every student in a meaningful way is greatly enhanced.

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