National Coaches Day with Coach Lee

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Meet Coach Lee.

St. Luke's: What do you coach?
Coach Ronn Lee: Football

SL:   Why do you coach?
RL:   I have a passion for athletics. I have always enjoyed watching young athletes improve each day.

SL:   How did you come to be a coach?
RL:   I graduated from college with a double major, Business Administration and English. Upon Graduation, I went to work with ZEP Chemical Company as an outside sales person. I worked from Pensacola to Tallahassee Florida. While traveling, every evening after work, I would go watch a high school football, basketball or baseball practice or game. After two years of doing this, I decided to return to college and get my teacher's certificate. It took one year to complete the process. That was 36-years ago and I have never regretted my decision.

SL:   What is your coaching philosophy?
RL:   Help young athletes learn how to compete, building long lasting relationships with both players and their parents. I was taught by my parents that competition brings out the best in people.

SL:   What is a typical week like for one of your athletes during the season?
RL:   Each Monday we practice in shorts and helmet. We work on the kicking game and introduce the players to their next opponent. Practice usually lasts 90 minutes. Tuesday is one of our hardest days. We are in full pads and practice is 120-minutes. Wednesday is another hard day but not as hard as Tuesday. We are usually full pads, practice is 120 minutes. Thursday is our walk through. We review all parts of our game plan. Practice lasts 45-minutes to 1 hour. Friday is game day.

SL:   What expectations do you have of your players?
RL:   My expectations are based on our one team rule: ALWAYS PROTECT THE TEAM... This rule has many aspects to it, here are some examples:
1) Be at every practice - on time (which is early)
2). Be prepared - (doing your homework)
3). Be the best you can be - (on and off the field)

SL:   What do you consider "successful" in terms of coaching?
RL:   Success means many things to a coach. Society defines success as how many wins you accumulate. For me, I believe success is something each individual has to achieve. Success is measured in effort, because effort shows interest.

SL:   Why do you enjoy coaching athletes at St. Luke's?
RL:   I enjoy coaching at St. Luke’s because, our young men enjoy playing football, but realize football is a means to an end. I love their attitude and the work habits they have developed from being at our School.

SL:   What do you do in your spare time when you are not coaching?
RL:   My spare time is spent outdoors, my hobbies include hunting, fishing, boating and spending time with grandchildren and family.

Thanks Coach Lee  for helping St. Luke's celebrate National Coaches Day!