National Educational Support Professionals Day: Mrs. Wallace

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St. Luke's Supports Its Wildcats.

t. Luke's Learning Lab is for students that have been diagnosed with learning issues that range from ADHD to processing issues to dyslexia. A licensed psychometrist or psychologist provides Mrs. Wallace with the list of accommodations for each diagnosis. For some, it can be preferential seating, and for some, it can be extended time on tests, distraction-free testing, or oral testing. These students are not allowed to have modified tests or assignments. The Learning Lab operates as a support system with Mrs. Wallace wearing many hats: coach, counselor, parent, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, bad guy, and manager. She helps bridge the gaps by providing individualized support for each of her students to make sure they are successful at St. Luke's. With the right support, most students realize they are exceptionally smart (many with high average to high superior IQs) but they just learn a different way. And the most rewarding part...Mrs. Wallace usually sees a HUGE jump in self-esteem and work ethic. We talked to one of Mrs. Wallace's students, Parker Breal, about her experience in the Learning Lab. Parker gave us permission to tell her story...

Throughout my time on the Japonica Campus, I received the extra help that I needed to assist with my learning disabilities. And when I moved to the University Campus, I enrolled in the Learning Lab. Mrs. Wallace helped me develop good test taking skills, homework skills and time management skills. When I didn't understand material taught in the classroom, Mrs. Wallace would support me by further explaining the content. Now as a senior, I have continued to utilize the skills that I learned in the Learning Lab. The support provided to me paved the way for me to receive many academic awards and even become inducted into National Honor Society. I really appreciate all of Mrs. Wallace’s help throughout my time on the University Campus and I am happy that the Learning Lab program is still continuing to grow.
Parker Breal

St. Luke's is proud to offer a program that provides additional support and teaches skills that our students will use for many years to come. Learn more about the Learning Lab at St. Luke's. Thank you, Mrs. Wallace, for all of your hard work and dedication to St. Luke's!