Seniors Prepare For Biomed Capstone Presentations

Taylor Jackson2023, Biomed, Seniors, University

About Biomed Senior Capstone Projects.

he senior Biomedical Capstone Presentations are the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication. Beginning in the Fundamentals class these students have explored a variety of medical occupations and learned clinical skills that have opened their eyes to the vast career options that are in the realm of healthcare. They have heard from dozens of healthcare professionals that include physicians, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, athletic trainers, medical technicians, paramedics, veterinarians, dentists, prosthetists, criminal investigators, doctoral and post-doctoral research scientists, biomedical engineers, and many others.

In preparation for their presentations, the students began the year by choosing one field of interest to extensively research and experience through clinical observations, job shadows, interviews, and many hours of reading journal articles. The result is they have written a 25-page APA formatted research paper, spent hours with their mentors, and in many cases provided hands-on care for patients.

The diversity of their topics speaks to the breadth of our program. The level of knowledge they possess gives them the confidence to present in front of an audience composed of their peers, family, faculty, mentors, and a number of medical professionals from throughout the Mobile community.