Specialty Weeks in Biomed: Mass Casualty Drill

Diane McCleeryBiomed, University, Upper School

Our Biomedical Sciences Program has enjoyed participating in the University of South Alabama Mass Casualty Drill. The drill serves several purposes; it provides actual first responders a scenario in which they can practice their MCI skills and responses, it allows the USA nursing, physician assistant and medical students an opportunity to interact in a simulated emergency, and it is the final semester grade for the current EMS students who are graded on the
appropriateness of their assessment and actions. In the past our students have played the role of victims in a building that has been struck by a tornado, a multi-vehicle accident, and casualties from an active shooter event. To prepare the Biomed students learn about the various injuries they have been assigned. Each student has a role to play that includes knowing what their vital signs are, how they should answer any questions or what type of behavior they should display when first responders arrive, The day concludes with a visit to the USA Simulation Lab
for a hands on session conducted by the nursing faculty