April 25, 2024

St. Luke’s Alumnus to Enter 2024 NFL Draft

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s the 2024 NFL draft draws near, it is both a privilege and source of pride to have witnessed the journey of a talent like Jermaine Brown Jr. Under the Friday night lights at St. Luke's, Jermaine honed his skill and pursued his passion relentlessly. Of course, Jermaine was so much more than a student athlete at St. Luke's. Known for his huge smile and proclivity to randomly break out into song, Jermaine's joy was infectuous. He was named "Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal" in his senior yearbook, a label that reflects his steel will and determination to accomplish any goal. The combination of his work ethic, solid character, and raw talent paved the way for his standout success at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Jermaine certainly solidified his legacy at UAB. His electrifying speed, agility, and versatility made him a vital asset to the Blazers' offense. The numbers don't lie. Jermaine's impressive array of statistics underscored his impact on the field with over 3,000 rushing yards, 30 rushing touchdowns, and 700+ receiving yards to his name. His ability to break tackles, find running lanes, and contribute in the passing game make him a versatile weapon for any NFL team.

As the eyes of America focus on Detroit this weekend for the 2024 NFL draft, our Wildcat hearts are bursting with pride for one of our own. Congratulations #1, we look forward to cheering you on for years to come!