St. Luke’s Biomed Student Saves Lives

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ast year, Sean Breedlove, a St. Luke’s Biomed student, became CPR certified. He never thought that knowledge would come in handy, but it became a lifesaver when he least expected it.

One summer evening, Sean's family was in South Carolina for a soccer tournament. Sean, his parents, and siblings were enjoying a meal together when his dad suddenly started choking on his food. He lost consciousness and his face turned blue. Sean quickly checked his dad's pulse and found it to be very faint. He knew he had to bring back his Biomed skills.

Sean learning [CPR] from you saved our dad.
Katie Breedlove

Thanks to his CPR training in Mr. Bentley’s Fundamentals Biomed class, Sean immediately began performing CPR on his dad. He remembered the steps he learned in class and stayed calm throughout the entire process. An ambulance was called, and they arrived quickly to take his father to the hospital. Thanks to Sean's quick thinking and knowledge of CPR, he saved his dad's life. His father made a full recovery and did not suffer any lasting damage.

To show his family’s gratitude, Sean’s sister Katie sent this message: I want you to know

how extremely thankful we are for you, always but especially right now. While the rest of my family is in South Carolina for soccer, tonight our dad choked on his dinner. Sean gave him mouth-to-mouth and saved him. The doctor said he wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for that. Sean learning that from you saved our dad. I’m so thankful he has a teacher like you. Not only has he learned so much from you, but we are truly blessed because of you and what you have taught him. I just wanted you to know that you make an enormous impact on these kids.

Sean's family was grateful for his quick actions and proud of him for using his skills from Biomed to help his dad in a time of need. The incident proved that CPR training can be a valuable and life-saving skill for anyone to have.

We are so proud of Sean!