January 26, 2024

The Top Golf Influence

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ike St. Luke's, most high schools in the area have golf teams that compete in tournaments throughout the spring season. The city of Mobile's most anticipated new resident opened its doors in December, and I have one question: Will Top Golf cause an influx of new high school players?

In most cases, a high school golf team is made up of teens who have played golf for years. Will our new neighbor inspire younger students to try the game competitively? For some background, Top Golf offers several controlled-hitting bays that offer a wide variety of fun games to help people enjoy the game of golf. In light of their recent opening in Mobile, I thought about their significant impact on local teens in such a short time.

Within a few weeks of their official opening, hundreds of high school students city-wide have come to Top Golf for a good time and the chance to practice their golf swings. Due to its addressable market being much larger than traditional golf, they have been more successful in making new players.

In an official survey conducted by Top Golf, the positive effects are undeniable. Almost a quarter of new golfers started, or followed the sport more closely, after their first Top Golf experience. Over half of non-golf players said that Top Golf has positively influenced their interest in joining a traditional golf team.

Their press team released the results of their survey, this is what they found:

  • 23% of new golfers surveyed started playing golf after their first Top Golf experience
  • 75% state that Top Golf influenced their decision to play golf
  • 75% of non-golfers said they are interested in playing golf on a course
  • 94% of non-golfers feel comfortable in a Top Golf venue
  • 99% of Top Golf guests state they will return

So there you have it. Middle schoolers, YDL athletes, get yourself to Top Golf this weekend and start preparing for your journey to Varsity Golf at St. Luke's.

Sports Writing Intern at St. Luke's Episcopal School

Avery is a Sports Writing Intern and part of the Class of 2025. She is part of the Wildcats Varsity Volleyball and Golf teams and Biomedical Sciences Program. Avery plans to study biology in college with hopes to work as a physician.