Youth Development League.

Steven Waite
YDL Director

t St. Luke's, our youth sports programs play an integral role in the development of students in ways that may not be duplicated in an academic setting. Wildcat athletics begin in Pre-K 3 as a part of Youth Development League's "Kiddie Cat" program. Kiddie Cats sports include flag football and cheerleading in the fall, followed by soccer in the spring. This program acts as an introduction to sports for both students and parents. Students work, for the first time, in a team environment that fosters social development. There is no scorekeeping in this program, for its focus is on the development of our Wildcats rather than searching for material results in terms of "winning". Kiddie Cat athletes benefit from having an opportunity to engage their minds and bodies, which ultimately helps students to have fun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We truly are one family here at St. Luke's, and the Kiddie Cat program helps foster such early. Families come together happily watching their students begin to thrive as athletes, allowing parents with outlets to connect with others within our St. Luke's community.

After "graduating" from the Kiddie Cats K5, students have the opportunity to participate in the Youth Development League (YDL). YDL is offered for grades 1st-6th and includes flag football (1st-4th), tackle football (5th and 6th), cheerleading, volleyball (4th-6th), basketball, cross country, track and field, and soccer. Athletes in YDL get the opportunity to compete against different schools from the Mobile and Baldwin County Area. YDL offers a place for any student regardless of their skill level. All students will be allowed to participate and receive significant playing time in these competitions. Athletes become active members of their community as members of YDL have the opportunity to connect with students outside of their everyday school life. Athletes are also introduced to ways in which they can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. YDL teaches our Wildcats about teamwork, sportsmanship, and responsibility all while having fun!

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K3-6th Grades

Break out the pom poms to support Kiddie Cat and YDL cheer at St. Luke's. YDL Cheer Pom Pom The cost includes cheer shirts, memory mate pictures, trophies, pom poms, and team parties. St. Luke's cheer uniforms are available at Zoghby's, but are not required.
Registration Opens Fall 2024


K5-6th Grades

St. Luke's is excited to offer Kiddie Cats and YDL football. Kiddie Cats flag football is grades K3-K5 and YDL flag football is grades 1-4.YDL tackle football is for grades 5-6.  The cost covers jersey, memory mate pictures and team parties. Players provide their own pads.

Registration Opens Fall 2024

Cross Country

3rd-6th Grades

Calling all runners! Practice your form and increase your endurance with YDL Cross Country. The cost includes jerseys, memory mate pictures, and a team party.

Registration Opens Fall 2024


4th-6th Grades

The Wildcats volleyball team wants to see you on the court! The cost includes jerseys, memory mate pictures, and a volleylite volleyball. Girls in grades 4-6 are encouraged to join. Games will be played Saturdays at gyms around the county, beginning in September.

Registration Opens Fall 2024


3rd-6th Grades

Boys and Girls Basketball is a great way to build sportsmanship and practice the game.  The cost is includes uniforms, memory mate pictures, and league fees.

  • YDL 3rd-6th grades
  • Games will take place on Saturdays at schools in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Registration Opens Late Fall 2024


K3-6th Grades

Join the YDL Wildcat Soccer Team, beginning at grade K3. Soccer is a great sport for all ages. Sign ups begin in the spring.

Registration Closed for 2024


3rd-6th Grades

Track is a great opportunity for sprinters and distance runners alike to practice their skills and work on their form.  More information will become available when registration opens in the spring.

Paper Registration Only

YDL by Age.

Youth Development League.

Youth Sports in Mobile
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Question: What sports are offered?
Answer: St. Luke's offers cheerleading, basketball, football, flag football, soccer, cross country, track. Offerings differ based on the student's age and grade level.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: The cost of YDL sports is set by sport and grade level, often ranging from $75 - $150. Included in the price is registrations for games and meets. Often, jerseys or t-shirts are included as well.

Question: Is YDL intramural?
Answer: No, St. Luke's YDL teams compete against other schools' youth programs.

Question: Does St. Luke's provide transportation?
Answer: St. Luke's does not provide transportation to away games or meets. Parents receive a schedule ahead of time to help coordinate carpooling or other transportation.

Question: My child goes to SL+, can he or she still play a YDL sport?
Answer: Absolutely! We encourage our SL+ families to participate in YDL. If practice is during SL+, we'll call for them.

Question: Is YDL only for St. Luke's students?
Answer: St. Luke's students receive priority registration for YDL sports. Members of the community may sign up for YDL after registration to St. Luke's families has closed.

YDL Cross Country, Courtesy: Julie Edmondson
YDL Football, Courtesy: Megan Rone
YDL Cross Country, Courtesy: Courtney Sheppard Photography
Youth Development League Soccer
Youth Development League Football, Courtesy: Megan Rone
YDL Cross Country, Courtesy: Courtney Sheppard Photography
YDL Volleyball, Courtesy: Julie Edmondson
YDL Boys Basketball, Courtesy: Megan Rone
YDL Cross Country, Courtesy: Courtney Sheppard Photography
Kiddie Cats Soccer
YDL Volleyball, Courtesy Julie Edmondson
Youth Development League Cross Country via Courtney Sheppard Photography