February 20, 2024

2024 Senior Wildcats Honored

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hat does it mean to be a High School Senior Athlete? At St. Luke’s, playing in a final season, the final home game is personal. On Senior Night, the environment of the gym is ecstatic. Everyone in the stands is there to support Wildcats Basketball. As people enter, they are greeted with decorations, cheering, and energy. The last home game of the season is always packed with the student section crowded with classmates and teachers. The cheerleaders are in the first two rows, cheering loudly for the Wildcats. The teammates, who are supporting each other in their final chance of victory, have been playing by each other’s side throughout the entire journey. Every second of every minute is personal for everyone.

All schools have their traditions to honor their Seniors and everything they have sacrificed for the athletic programs, but St. Luke’s Senior Night is a celebration for everybody. Not only is the family celebrating their Wildcats, but teachers, friends, and coaches who have helped them through their High School years. This night is always nostalgic. That’s the only word that can be used to describe St. Luke’s Senior Night. It is full of memories, reminiscing on past games, favorite practices, least favorite drills, and hilarious memories shared between the teammates. The underclassmen take on the challenge to plan the special night. They take the time to organize everything from the decorations to the flavor of the cake. The locker room will be flooded with red, black, and white balloons, the lockers will be draped in streamers, and the Senior Wildcats will be crowned. Each team has its tradition that they recreate every year. The boy’s basketball team will always listen to the same song, while the the girls sign basketballs for the Seniors.

Being able to lead both boys' and girls' basketball has exposed me to so many life lessons. I am thankful God has placed me on this path that has crossed with so many amazing young adults, and I am sad to have to let them go.
Coach Garreth Trawick

Recently, the basketball program has one of its most emotional Senior Nights yet. The girls' basketball team is losing on of its most cherished players. KK Robinson is one of three Seniors on the Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team. KK has been part of the St. Luke’s program since seventh grade and is pursuing a collegiate athletic career in basketball. She has already received an offer from Bishop State. KK has been the team’s captain for two years and has made a personal connection with each one of the players. Coach Trawick has been the Lady Wildcats basketball coach for six years and has coached KK through each and every game. Coach Trawick said, “Being able to lead both the boys and girls basketball has exposed me to so many life lessons. I am thankful God has placed me on this path that has crossed with so many amazing young adults, and I am sad to have to let them go.”

This season’s Senior Night ended with two huge wins for both basketball teams. These wins were able to place our Wildcats into an intense battle for the Area Tournaments. Senior Night was celebrated with nine of the St. Luke’s Seniors. The combination of the school’s boys' and girls' basketball teams and the varsity cheerleaders create a long list of achievements. The ceremony occurs between the two games. A student favorite, Mr. Box, introduces and praises each Senior’s accomplishments. Every Senior is presented by their parents, who each receive a rose, and they are showcasing the biggest expression of pride. As a St. Luke’s family, we are so incredibly proud to see how these Wildcats have grown and developed since they arrived on this campus, and we cannot wait to see how they continue to impact the lives around them.