Application Process.

Admission at St. Luke's in grades 6-12 is offered to students of strong character who show intellectual curiosity of the world around them. Families are encouraged to apply early.

1 – Apply

Apply now using our online application. It's easy and free!
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2 – Transcript

Send us a copy of your unofficial transcript or your most recent report card. If you have an electronic copy, you can upload it to your application.

3 – Recommendation

Ask any non-family member who can attest to your good character to submit a recommendation on your behalf. Parents, send this page to the recommender.

4 – Entrance Exam

  • Sit for admission exam ($50 fee)
  • Submit most recent standardized test scores

5 – Notification

Waiting is always the hardest part! We will review your file and notify you in 2-3 days of our admission decision.

6 – Contract

Upon notification of admission, you will be offered a contract. Please review and sign by the date listed on your contract.

Admissions Timeline.

  • Early Decision: October 1 - Mid-December
    Know where you'll go by Christmas! Students who apply Early Decision and return their contracts by the specified date are guaranteed a space at St. Luke's and completely avoid the waitlist. Early Decision students select their courses on the first day that it opens for current students and get early access to financial aid when needed.

  • Regular Decision: January 1 - May 1
    Regular Decision candidates are reviewed on a rolling basis. Admitted students are offered contracts when space exists for their class and may be subject to waitlists. Admitted students choose their courses following course selection for current students.

  • Late Decision: May 2 - Start of School
    Late Decision candidates are reviewed on a rolling basis and admitted when space exists for their class. Waitlists are common, and space is not guaranteed, even if the candidate fulfills all of the admission criteria. Due to the timing of Late Decision, admitted students choose from the remaining courses on the schedule. Contact Admissions for additional information on financial aid and scholarships.


Academic Standing.

At St. Luke's, we're looking for students who are curious about the world around them. We're looking for students who seek to solve problems, not just answer correctly on a test. Academically, that translates into students who are above average in grades at their current school and show a high level of competency in foundational subjects.


St. Luke's challenges its students to think beyond the gates of the school. We are privileged to be part of the strongest academic program in Mobile, and that privilege compels us to serve our communities. Prospective students embody this idea of leadership through service and are eager to grow at St. Luke's.


St. Luke's has carefully crafted its grade levels to be intentionally small. Prospective students who plan to participate in student clubs, activities, arts, or athletics are the right fit for St. Luke's.

  • Submit your online application

  • Send us your most recent report card. For upper school transfers, please send us a copy of your high school transcript.

  • Ask any non-family member who can attest to your good character to send us a recommendation on your behalf.

  • Sit for the admission entrance exam ($50 fee)

  • Submit standardized test scores from your current school taken in the last two years.

International Students.

St. Luke's admits highly qualified international students in grades 8-12 and will issue the student an F-1 education visa. Families are welcome to apply directly or may seek the assistance of an external organization, such as Three W International.

St. Luke's does not currently place students with host families, which is why many of our international students join family already in Mobile to continue their educational journey. With few exceptions, international students must begin at the start of the academic year at St. Luke's (August). Mid-year transfers are evaluated on a case by case basis.

International candidates should complete the admission steps as outlined above along with the following:

  • International Transcript Evaluation
    Students applying from a non-English speaking school must submit an international transcript translation and evaluation. There are many companies that provide this service for a nominal fee. Waiting times can be long, so it is recommended that if you need an international transcript translation and evaluation, you begin several months ahead of time.

  • Course Catalog
    Students applying from an English speaking school must submit a copy of their school's course catalog, graduation requirements, and grading scale.

  • English Language Exam Report
    Students applying from a non-English speaking school must provide a TOEFL or IELTS report. St. Luke's prefers the use of IELTS with a score of 5 or higher.

  • Passport and Birth Certificate
    Please submit a photocopy of your valid passport along with a copy of your birth certificate.

  • Proof of ability to pay
    International students are not eligible for state or institutional scholarships. To issue your visa, you must provide proof of funds available to cover all expenses related to school, including tuition, fees, books, uniforms, and living expenses. For the 2023 academic year, you must show that you have a minimum of $14,850 USD available in an account. Copies of current bank statements may be submitted. Do not send this information until you've been admitted by the school.