Biomed Alumni Move on Up

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Branching Out.

ere at St. Luke’s, we focus on getting our students out the door, well, not exactly. An integral piece of our mission statement reads that we develop students “with character and intellect to thrive in college and life”. In fulfilling this portion of our mission, we strive to provide our students with opportunities that will stimulate their growth as individuals, and thus leave them prepared to enter into the next chapter of their lives. Our Biomedical Sciences “Biomed” Program fulfills this mission at an astounding level. Taking place over the course of three-and-a-half years, the Biomed program exposes students to various career paths within the medical field through in-class instruction, guest presentations from experts, hands-on activities, and community outreach. After over three years of experience across many medical specialties, senior students are entered into our capstone course–Interventions in Biomedical Sciences. Interventions students are given a full year to focus their studies on a singular specialty/career path, gaining experience and knowledge through individual study, clinical observations, job shadows, and interviews with local medical personnel.

Even though our first graduating class left our halls in 2013, our Biomed program has produced a long list of notable alumni either achieving great things in the workplace or continuing their education at high levels. Some of these notable graduates include Dr. Murphy Mostellar (class of 2013) who is now a General Surgery Resident at the University of North Carolina and Dr. Mary Page Martin (class of 2014) who received her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Harrison School of Pharmacy. We also have students on their academic pursuit to achieving high level medical positions including Reed Miller (class of 2015) who is an Administrative Resident at Temple University Hospital and currently attends John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Jordan Odom (class of 2017) who currently attends medical school at Kiran Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, Chase Jordan (class of 2018) who attends medical school at The University of South Alabama, and Lauren Bailey (class of 2019) who is currently a doctoral student of Occupational Therapy at theUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham. In more recent years we have Elizabeth Roebuck (class of 2020) at the University of South Alabama and Kasey Hernandez-Sexton at Barnard College in New York City (Class of 2022) both set on the Pre-Medicine track and both of whom are currently serving the community as Emergency Medicine Technicians.

We as a St. Luke’s community are incredibly proud of each of these incredible alumni and will keep cheering them on in their career pursuits. We will continue to provide the framework for success that our Biomed program has established in these few short years since St. Luke’s high school opened its gates in hopes to encourage even more students to follow their dreams and achieve incredible feats as these alumni have done.

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