National Techies Day

Jarnae HarrisBiomed, University, Upper School

National Techies Day

Rapid Fire Questions on National Techies Day.

It's National Techies Day and St. Luke's talked to junior, Garrett Dolbear. Garrett is participating in the Biomed program's Biomedical Innovations classes where he hopes to become familiar with biomedical technologies. In the future, Garrett hopes to become an engineer. Here are a few fun “rapid fire” questions we asked him:

Jarnae Harris: PC or Mac?
Garrett Dolbear: PC

JH:iOS or Android?

JH: Who would win in a fight: Gates, Musk, Cook, or Bezos?
GD: Musk

JH: What’s the biggest tech “what-if” that keeps you up at night?
GD: What if we are living in a computer program?

JH: Would you rather read a book, code, or Netflix?
GD: Code

JH: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
GD: I wanted to go into the military.

JH: What aspect of tech most excites you?
GD: 3D printing

JH: Which tech giant would you most like to work for?
GD: Microsoft

JH: Have you ever solved a really tricky problem? What was it?
GD: Yes, building and troubleshooting the operation game.

JH: How do you go about tackling difficult tech problems?
GD: Google it

JH: What's a futuristic tech that might never ever exist that you really want to see?
GD: Teleportation

JH: If you could conduct research on any aspect of tech, what would you choose?
GD: CAD/ coding to control physical applications

Thanks for joining us on National Techies Day, Garrett!   We can't wait to see what you'll build next!