SL+ & Extended Care.

Shelly Thompson

SL+ Coordinator

SL+ is St. Luke's vibrant and structured after school program that runs from 3:00-5:45 each school day. Our families, K2-5th grade can pay monthly or use this as a drop in service only as needed. Our rooms are separated by age and offer developmentally appropriate activities. All SL+ employees are background checked and are required to go through a safeguarding course. Our SL+ workers are the heartbeat of this program as they work with the lead teachers to create and implement fun activities while providing a safe and respectful learning environment.
Activities Include:

  • snack time
  • homework time (if applicable)
  • group play
  • outside play
  • structured and free play
The safety of our students is always a priority. The gates on campus are locked while children are on campus. To provide an added safety measure, any person picking up a child will be asked to present ID. Parents love our front door pick up! Parents call the SL+ extension once they arrive and a worker brings your child to the car. SL+ is truly an extension of the school day in quality, care, and atmosphere.


Fundamentals, our after school enrichment opportunities are available to St. Luke's students. Students enrolled in SL+ may receive a discount on their registration. Read more about some of the exciting opportunities that have been offered for St. Luke's students on the Japonica Campus.

Cooking in the Classroom


Calling all cooks! Join us as we explore introductory lessons in food preparation and the art and science of cooking! Participants will enjoy learning to prepare some of their favorite treats through independent lessons and small group recipe preparation. This class is geared towards all K4 students but is open to all interested. Students can expect to master mixing, measuring, slicing, sautéing and baking different types of food in addition to preparing special treats through group projects that they can share with their families and friends. Help your child learn confidence, coordination, concentration and independence with this magical introduction to cooking for children. Don’t miss out on this Saint Luke’s cooking class enrichment extravaganza!

DINO-Mite Camp


Do you DIG dinosaurs?! Just because they’re extinct doesn’t mean we can’t make them come to life! Come discover fossils by being mini paleontologists during Mrs. Twilley’s DINO-MITE Camp! We will learn about all things prehistoric, create dinosaur themed crafts, eat yummy dinosaur themed snacks, dress up and participate in a dinosaur themed photo booth, and even dig for fossils just to name a FEW! This camp is specifically designed for kindergarteners and will really give you something to ROAR about! Let’s travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

Fancy Nancy

All grade levels

Bonjour! Dress in your fanciest attire, put on your feather boas, and get ready for a super, girly time! We will be creating iridescent accessories that shimmer and shine, eating scrumptious snacks, holding a glamorous tea party, learning a little French and the most elegant table manners, and putting on a fashion show! Ooh la la! A Beauty Spa! You won’t want to miss out on this soiree (that’s fancy for party!) Your princess is sure to have a ball, at this fun-filled fashionista camp!

Fizzy Foamy Science

All grade levels

Fizzy Foamy Science Are you ready to dive into fizzy, slimy and erupting experiments?! In this Mini Mad Scientist course, we will do experiments with lemon volcanoes, create slime, master the art of the water balloon launcher and so much more! Students will work cooperatively to explore science through an exciting, hands-on approach! This class will fill up quickly!

STEM(M) Stuff

K5 - 2nd Grades

STEM(M) Stuff If Squirt Gun Boat Races, Marshmallow and Toothpick Tower building, Balloon Cup shooters, Cardboard Tube building, Pinwheel making, and Paperclip Chain weights sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon, then you better sign up early for this one.

Art Safari Through Geography

3rd - 4th grades

Art Safari through Geography We are going to take a safari around the world! Join us as we visit a new country each week and learn about animals native to the country with a sprinkle of literature, dabble of games, and a whole lot of art! Grab your passport and discover the thrill of the hunt without leaving school! If you are excited about the 4th and 5th grade Geography Bee in January, this is a class for you!

Makey Makey

3rd - 5th Grades

If you have ever dreamed of building whimsical inventions, creating interactive art, or composing electronic music look no further. Makey Makey is the class for you! When you clip real world objects to a Makey Makey it turns the objects into keyboard keys, so you can control your computer with anything from a carrot to a bowl of water. A Makey Makey kit is an electronic invention tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. Using a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cable. The board uses closed loop electrical signals to send the computer either a keyboard stroke or a mouse click signal.

Wildcat News

4th Grade

Calling all future news anchors and journalists! We are looking for a crew to script and produce our weekly "Wildcat News" announcement videos. During this enrichment, students will work on gathering relevant news, writing scripts, recording videos using the green screen, editing their videos and publishing a weekly news cast.

STEM(M) Makerspace

4th Grade

Come join our STEMM Makerspace enrichment class. We will work on coding with our robots Dash, Jack, Dot and a new friend. We will explore engineering skills with tower building and lego challenges. We are also excited to add a 3D printer to our Makerspace and look forward to seeing what the students can create!